Check out what Producers, Directors and Executives are saying about Johnny Derango

Johnny Derango is a super talented DP who has a great way with people. I can't recommend him highly enough!"

- Michael Davis - Director – Shoot ‘Em Up

“Johnny is a visionary cinematographer. He is an incredible collaborator, a total professional and a true pleasure to work with.”

- Adam Ripp - Director - Gang Tapes

“Johnny created true magic by managing to make our pilot look like an expensive, stylish blockbuster. Our confidence in Johnny surpassed anything we could’ve expected.”

- Jane Francis - Senior Vice President - Fox 21

“We were extremely impressed with Johnny’s truly amazing gift of delivering striking images under intense pressure and on such a low budget that may have left anyone of a less courageously determined and artistically skilled nature at a loss.”

- Brett Weitz - VP of Series Development - TNT

Johnny is amazing. He's a pleasure to work with, gets great footage, knows his equipment inside and out, and is on the cutting edge of some really cool looking shots. However, I do NOT recommend you hire Johnny Derango, if you are shooting when I'm shooting. I need the guy!

- Michael Addis - Director - Heckler/Poor White Trash

“Johnny was the DP on "Hollywood Vice," a one-hour drama pilot presentation we did in collaboration with Fox 21. Johnny is a pleasure to work with... he has a great eye, he is creative, technically knowledgeable, and cool under pressure. I would not hesitate to hire him again.”

- Karen Hori - VP – Langley Productions