Location scout photos vs. Actual HPX-170/Redrock Micro M2 Encore frame grabs

Here is a look at what our original location scout photos under natural lighting looked like vs. the final lit images from the film.

(Shepard's Living Room/Kitchen: Scout Photo)
(Shepard's Living Room/Kitchen: Frame Grab)
(Shepard's Living Room: Scout Photo)
(Shepard's Living Room: Frame Grab)
(Shepard's Garage: Scout Photo)
(Shepard's Garage: Frame Grab)
(Titus' Lair: Scout Photo)
(Titus' Lair: Frame Grab)
(Santi's Bathroom: Scout Photo)
(Santi's Bathroom: Frame Grab)
(Restaurant: Scout Photo)
(Restaurant: Frame Grab)

(Restaurant: Scout Photo)

(Restaurant: Frame Grab)
(Titus' Courtyard: Scout Photo)
(Titus' Courtyard: Frame Grab)

(Titus' Courtyard: Frame Grab)

Hope this sheds a little light on what goes into making certain locations look visually interesting. As always please feel free to hit me up at jderango@yahoo.com or leave a comment right here on the post.