Johnny Derango in P3 Update

Thursday, 14 May 2009 09:56 Cameraman

Cinematographer Johnny Derango used the M2 Encore system for the first time on the indie feature Fuzz Track City. He has used it several times since then, including on the short film Talent, starring "True Blood" actor Nelsan Ellis.

"I wasn't super excited about the original model but when the Encore came out, I decided to give it another try and was very satisfied with it," says Derango. "There were so many improvements. Now, the collimation is very easy to do. It's just a quick turn on the outside of the unit. The edge-to-edge sharpness is also really great." The DP also praises the Lensbaby Composer, which he used on Talent. The Composer is based on a ball-and-socket configuration that allows cinematographers to tilt the lens to a desired angle and then focus with a manual-focusing ring, and the Composer stays in the desired bent position without a locking mechanism.