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“I now have had the good fortune of doing two features (“Waffle Street” & “Small Town Crime”) with Johnny Derango, and I can without hesitation, say his work speaks for itself. Whether it be an intimate character driven drama or a film with large set pieces, Johnny can handle them equally with skill and passion.”  

- John J. Kelly – Producer- “Deadpool,”  "127 Hours,” “Into the Wild”



“Johnny’s kindness, good humor, keen eye and tireless dedication to “Small Town Crime” helped to make this film an incredible experience.  His passion and craft makes me hope this is just the first of many."

John Hawkes  – Academy Award Nominee – “Winter’s Bone,” “Small Town Crime,”


"We were extremely impressed with Johnny's truly amazing gift of delivering striking images under intense pressure and on such a low budget that may have left anyone of a less courageously determined and artistically skilled nature at a loss."

 - Brett Weitz - Executive Vice President of Original Programming - TBS


 "Johnny Derango works wonders with a camera. He blended into a complex even dangerous environment and captured beauty and energy and performance and subtle moments all with remarkable ease. He is a wonderful talent and a truly great guy to work with. I so look forward to working with Johnny again."  

                                                    - Josh Lucas - Actor - "Sweet Home Alabama"   




"Johnny Derango is a super talented DP who has a great way with people. I can't recommend him enough."

- Michael Davis - Director - "Shoot Em Up"


"Johnny created true magic by managing to make our pilot look like an expensive, stylish blockbuster. Our confidence in Johnny surpassed anything we could've expected."

- Jane Francis - Senior Vice President Creative Affairs - Fox 21


"Johnny is amazing. He's a pleasure to work with, gets great footage, knows his equipment inside and out, and is on the cutting edge of some really cool looking shots. However, I do NOT recommend you hire Johnny Derango, if you are shooting when I'm shooting. I need the guy!"

                                                      - Michael Addis - Director - "Heckler"


"Johnny Derango is a master of his craft and extremely talented. His technical bravura, winning attitude and fearless approach to achieving the perfect frame make him THE cinematographer you want on your project."

                                                      - Evan Charnov - Executive Producer - Crackle Original Series "Chosen"


"Johnny was the DP on "Hollywood Vice," a one-hour drama pilot presentation we did in collaboration with Fox 21. Johnny is a pleasure to work with... he has a great eye, he is creative, technically knowledgeable, and cool under pressure. I would not hesitate to hire him again."

                                                      - Karen Hori - Executive in Charge of Prodcution - Langley Productions


"Johnny is a visionary cinematographer. He is an incredible collaborator, a total professional and a true pleasure to work with."

- Adam Ripp - Producer "Everly" & "Gambit"